Moshe Aaron (Morris Arthur) Yess (1945–January 8, 2011) O.B.M. was a world renowned Orthodox Jewish musician, composer and entertainer from Montreal, Canada. A member of the Chabad community in Montreal, Yess was a regular concert performer at Chabad House events and shows, together with international Jewish music festivals, Chabad Telethons and the annual A Time for Music concert.

Musical career

In the 1960s, Yess shared stages with David Crosby, Jefferson Airplane & The Association. As a solo performer he played Las Vegas, Reno, and other hot spots. In 1978 he moved from Hollywood, California to Jerusalem, Israel, where he enrolled in D'var Yerushalayim Yeshiva. There he met Rabbi Shalom Levine, who became his mentor in Halacha and his musical partner in Megama. They spoke about harnessing American-style music to communicate the beauty and values of Judaism. Thus was Megama (Hebrew for "direction") born.

Hit Songs

One of Yess's biggest hit songs was "My Zaidy," in which the speaker remembers his grandfather, who was his last link to Judaism. "My Zaidy" -- "zaidy" is the Yiddish word for grandpa -- touched several generations of American and Canadian Jews. Other hits by Megama included "Ain't Gonna Work on Saturday" and "Not Ashamed," and one of their successful children's shows was called "Judeo Rodeo."

Yess collaborated with Abie Rotenberg to produce the children's audio series called The Marvelous Midos Machine composed of three volumes, with all original material. He also had inspired Abie to write his own English Jewish music and had features on the first 3 volumes of Abie's iconic Journeys albums. 

In the 1990s, Yess started a rock band called Burnt Offering with the blessing of The Lubavitcher Rebbe. The band's mission was to spread the message to the world to engage in acts of goodness and kindness.

Yess continued to be active in music and religious education until his health declined. He passed away on January 8, 2011, in Tucson, Arizona, leaving behind a legacy in both the Jewish and broader music communities. Although Moshe Yess died of cancer on January 8, 2011, in Cottonwood, Arizona at the age of 65 years old, his work continues to influence and inspire, with his son Tali Yess actively continuing his musical legacy. Most recently, Moshe Yess had an entire track in tribute to him as well as an adaptation of one of his lesser known songs "Ain't No Bishul" performed by Abie Rotenberg and Moshe's son Tali on the 5th volume of the iconic Journeys albums.


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